Manicure Manicure
Classic Manicure
The quick treatment includes soaking, shaping, cuticle trimming, massage and choice of polish.
Garden Manicure
The same as classic manicure plus exfoliating with OPI product help eliminate the rough skin on your hands, arms and extra massage.
Milk & Honey Manicure
The special treatment includes the entire produce as your classic manicure plus the application of our tropical mask, hot wax paraffin, special milk and honey lotion hand massage. The service will be complete by your choice of polish and our complementary quick shoulder massage.
Gel Manicure
Manicure with any color Gel
Manicure with French/ American Gel
Gel color change without manicure
Gel French/American without manicure
Pedicure Pedicure
Classic Pedicure
Our classic pedicure will lighten your feet with typical steps such as warm water bath tub soaking-callus eliminating, full cuticle work, massage and choice of polish.
Garden Pedicure
Your feet will glore more with our extra moisturizing sugar exfoliation after being treated by classic pedicure Choice of your flavor: Rose, Lavender and Tangerine
Deluxe Pedicure
Tired by your family? Stressed out by your job?
Just have a sit on out pedicure chair, we will take you to another world with ultra-moisturizing scrub to wash away your stress. The tropical mask applied to your legs, and super-silky lotion with by massage performed by our professional pedicurists to lift up your spirit.
Choice of your flavor: Rose, Lavender and Tangerine
Prescription Pedicure
This treatment specially featured hot-rock massage with therapeutic hot serum for a better circulation on legs and feet after a classic pedicure. Also, we recommend this service to customers who spend all day long on their feet.
Milk and Honey Pedicure 60 mins
You have dry or cracked feet? Why not Milk and Honey Pedicure? Let us treat your legs and feet with ultra hydrating pedicure. This service includes cutting, filing, shaping, and trimming cuticle plus callus eliminator on rough skin areas to create a nicer look. The entire set of Milk & Honey flavor feature super moisturizing by natural-based products, and complementary hot wax paraffin wrapping up will complete your feet with healthy and new conditions. Finally, relax your whole body with long period of massage performed by our experienced technicians.
nail enhancement
Nail Enhancements
Acrylic Nails
Acrylic can be applied to your own natural nails or over tips for extensions
Gel Nail and SNS nail
Gel nail is very light on your hands, natural, glossy and less damaging to your own nails. Non-yellow even under tanning bed.
Pink & White
We have a great team of very skillful technicians specializing most in style nail extension that complete with either permanent French or American manicure look that never clip off, non-polosh needed, non-discolored with naturally shinny look by buffing
additional services
Additional Services
French or American Manicure
Nail Take Off
Nail Repair
Nail Art (varied based on quality)
Polish Change Color Hand
Polish Change Color Feet
Polish Change French Hand
Polish Change French Feet
Hand paraffin treatment
Feet paraffin treatment
Shinny buff
Foot massage
Whole Face
Half Arms
Full Arms
Under Arms
Half Legs
Full Legs